We’re Small But We’re Quick!

This is a 30 second read.  On this Small Business Saturday of 2015 I wanted to take a minute to remind our customers that we’re a “mom & pop shop”.  We have no board of directors, just a guy with entrepreneurial spirit who bounces ideas off his wife, kids and friends.  We don’t even have an office building yet, just a makeshift work space in the basement of our home.  We’re just a couple hard-working people who love what we do and have a passion for helping others like us succeed.  We want to help you tell your story about learning Chinese.  We want to provide people with unique tools for learning Chinese.  We’re 100% self-made and self-funded.  We’re so thankful for everyone who has bought our MandarinMagnets™ and and provided words of encouragement along the way.  Today we ask you to support the little guy and shop small.  And keep dreaming in Chinese!

Sorting Chinese Word Magnets in the basement

Sorting Chinese Word Magnets in the basement


Check out Leap66 Chinese Word Magnets!  We developed them ourselves and they are made in the USA.

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