MandarinMagnets™ Chinese Word Magnets FAQ

Now that our Chinese word magnets have been available on Amazon for a few weeks we’ve been happily fielding questions about them from our customers and folks who are just interested in learning more.  As much as we love interacting with you all we’ve decided to create an FAQ page here.  Please contact us through Twitter if you have any additional questions and we’ll jump at the chance to help you.  Thanks for all the questions!


We've found that Chinese learners and native speakers both enjoy building sentences with MandarinMagnets™

We’ve found that Chinese learners and native speakers both enjoy building sentences with MandarinMagnets™

Will MandarinMagnets™ stick to my fridge?

Yes, our magnets will stick to most any refrigerator.  Some stainless steel refrigerators will also hold magnets.  It really depends on the alloy used.  For example, we have a stainless steel fridge in our office that holds MandarinMagnets™ no problem!

How did you develop the word list for MandarinMagnets™?

We went through more than ten iterations of our core word list after months of field testing and factoring in existing vocabulary lists from HSKTOCFL and a ton of Chinese textbooks (K-12 and university) in our personal library.  Our core magnet set was a careful collaboration between a dedicated Chinese instructor with 20 years experience teaching at the university level and a fanatic Chinese learner who majored in Chinese and spent time living in China & Taiwan.

Where does one purchase MandarinMagnets™?

Our own web store is still being developed but you can purchase MandarinMagnets™ on Amazon.  Existing Amazon Prime customers love this because of the free 2 day shipping.

Why did Leap66 even decide to make MandarinMagnets™?

Our founder wished he’d had Chinese word magnets as far back as 1994 while he was a Chinese major in college.  Though it wasn’t until recently that he applied some entrepreneurial spirit and elbow grease to design them.

Where are your products made?

All our products are designed and produced in the USA.  We spent months talking to magnet specialists before we finally selected World’s Greatest Magnets.  They are a small business like us and they put their heart into their work.

Who uses MandarinMagnets™?

It seems that MandarinMagnets™ are popular among K-12 Chinese learners at public/private school immersion programs, Sunday Chinese schools  for heritage (ABC) students and college students studying at their university or study abroad program.  We keep a set of magnets on our refrigerator and our house guests can’t stop playing with them.

Do you offer other MandarinMagnets™ sets?

Not yet, but we have a head full of ideas for add-on sets that people would love.  Think sports, business, food, transit, naughty, pop culture, science etc.  The sky is the limit and we hope to offer more magnet options to you in the future.

Do you offer MandarinMagnets™ in traditional Chinese characters?  How about with pinyin romanization?

We currently only offer MandarinMagnets™ in simplified characters but when there is enough demand we’d love to also offer our products in traditional character versions.  That would be awesome.  Our early magnet designs included the Chinese character, pinyin and English translation but we decided to simplify them based on test user feedback.  People felt that using the magnets was more educational with the romanization and English excluded.

Which words are included in the MandarinMagnets™ core set?

Good question.  You can download the PDF word list right here.

I am a school administrator and I would like to purchase a large number of MandarinMagnets™ for our teachers and students to use.  Can you handle large orders?

Yes, if you wish to purchase fewer than 100 MandarinMagnets™ then you can purchase them most easily on Amazon.  If you wish to purchase greater than 100 Chinese word magnet sets please contact us directly and we’d be happy to work with you!

Please keep the questions coming.  We love hearing from you, and if you don’t mind we’ll even add you to our annual Chinese New Year postcard list.  🙂

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