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You’ll be excited to know that our Mom & Pop business is now one step closer to world domination with the release of our first product: MandarinMagnets!  Although our own web store is not yet open we do have our Chinese word magnets listed on  You can view the awesomeness by clicking here:

Put your Amazon Prime membership to good use,  people.

Put your Amazon Prime membership to good use, people.

When it comes to Chinese word magnets, we’re really the only game in town right now.  There are a couple companies that have tried producing magnet sets in Chinese but they lean more toward being a toy and less of a serious language learning tool.  We really took the design of our core magnet set seriously.  It was a lengthy collaboration between a fanatic Chinese learner and a Chinese instructor with 20 years experience teaching at the university level.

Playing with MandarinMagnets is certainly fun but our carefully selected words provide almost limitless possibilities for sentence construction.  They make a great tool for teachers and serious students of Chinese and we think you’ll find them very helpful for practicing Chinese sentence patterns and learning new characters.

Please check out MandarinMagnets on and let us know what you think.  We’d love to get some magnet sets out in the field and see what people can do with them.  Have fun!



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